Rosetta Stone | St. George School - Erie, PA

Technology lab at Saint George School in Erie, PA.

Saint George School offers the Rosetta Stone program, a computer driven technology utilized in grades 7 – 8 for student-selected foreign language studies.

Students practice several times a week in our modernized computer technology laboratory. The lab is open all day for additional practice. 

Students select from a large variety of foreign languages to study such as:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Russian
  • Japanese

The Rosetta Stone program is an interactive computer approach that introduces words and concepts in a strategically designed sequence. This is a proven method of successfully learning and retaining a new language by implementing the “immersion method” which allows Saint George School students to learn on their own.

The Rosetta Stone program provides immediate feedback to students while they're practicing to help build confidence and use of the new language accurately. Students progress through lessons and then participate in a first-person immersive quiz. Students enjoy this learning approach as it is not intimidating. The Rosetta Stone lessons are sequenced for maximum learnability with an appropriate progression of challenge. The program keeps Saint George School students’ interest level high with an easy, but challenging atmosphere.

Student Testimonial, Franklin Steele`15

"In 7th grade, I elected to study the Rosetta Stone Russian language. The reason I chose Russian is because one day I hope to be a NASA astronaut. The Russian space agency and NASA are close partners for providing supplies and scientific experiments to the international space station.

In 8th grade, the option was open to continue with our language of study from 7th grade or to select a new one. I elected to continue learning Russian. I believed that I would be at an advantage to study a foreign language that I could benefit from in the future.

It was a fun and challenging way to learn a new language. I found the lessons easy to complete while retaining information. I believe this program offered me the confidence for foreign language study in high school. I have elected to take the Honors German course at Cathedral Preparatory School my freshman year."

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