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Simple Solutions Approach at Saint George School in Erie, PA.
At Saint George School, the Simple Solutions Approach emerged from a classroom teacher's vision for her students. In math especially, she believed children need to experience on-going success.

Being successful makes a child feel self-confident. A confident learner is willing to take a risk, and this willingness to try something new leads to further learning and even greater success.

Saint George School is continuously searching for new ways to bring academic excellence into the lives of the students.

Strategies known as distributed practice, the spacing effect and over-learning have been around for a long time. In fact, research dating back to the early part of the twentieth century points to the lasting value of such strategies. Despite this research, neither text books nor teacher training widely promote a practical combination of distributed practice and daily instruction.

The Simple Solutions Approach at Saint George School utilizes daily distributed practice to ensure that students not only master, but actually retain everything they have learned. All Simple Solutions products are devised, written, edited and tested by Saint George School classroom teachers.

"Children will never remember what we expect them to forget." 

                              -Nancy McGraw, Creator of the Simple Solutions Approach 

Simple Solutions is a supplement to the mathematics or language arts curriculum at Saint George School, and has a purpose of providing daily distributed practice. This practice allows students to regularly and systematically revisit material that has been introduced by the classroom teachers. Simple Solutions is easy to implement, and the routine takes just minutes a day. The staff and faculty of Saint George School ensure to implement the best teaching practices to help the children progress and grow at an optimal rate.

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