Act 89 & Title I | St. George School - Erie, PA

Act 89

Saint George School offers the Act 89 program to provide specialized learning activities in order to put more focus on reading and mathematics. Act 89 is a program funded by the state of Pennsylvania similar to the federal “Title I” program. Act 89 certified teachers at Saint George School are reading specialists and highly qualified math teachers who work with students who are not currently working to their potential in the subjects of reading and/or mathematics.

Saint George School students in Erie, PA.

Components of the Act 89 program include:

  • Remediation and Enrichment

  • Assessments

  • Small Group and Individualized Instruction

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Reports and Conferences

One of the main benefits of the Act 89 program is flexibility. Saint George School students can be referred by their teacher, parent or themselves to receive assistance with their academics. At Saint George School, the Act 89 program includes times when the specialized teachers assist with a classroom lesson, and other times when students report to a learning center in small groups. Instructional goals and objectives are individualized and designed to promote students success and progress. Once goals have been delivered, students then work on the specific skills they need to help build a foundation in the subject in order to achieve their fullest potential.

Act 89 specialists monitor student progress continuously through both formal and informal assessments. A structured program is then designed to improve skills, and continually monitor the child’s progress. Parents are kept informed by reports and conferences. Students are aware of their success through progress monitoring and are often involved in setting goals for themselves. Students and parents are thrilled to see their grades improve. When successful attainment of individual goals are met, the student gains self confidence to move forward into the future.

Title I

Saint George School strives to help students achieve their true potential in academics. Title I is a program run by the government which provides funding to local school districts in order to improve the academic achievement of disadvantaged students. The Title I program at Saint George School serves students in all grade levels who have demonstrated that extra assistance is needed.

There are many benefits to the Title I program such as:

  • Smaller class size
  • Additional teachers and/or aides
  • Extra teaching time and materials
  • Supplementary teaching methods

The Title I program is generally used to improve academic achievement in reading and math, but can be used to help students improve their achievement in all of the core academic subjects. Saint George School aims to provide academic excellence and help develop leadership skills in students. The Title I teachers of Saint George School are highly qualified in their fields and can help students progress in their educational development.

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