Peer Tutoring | St. George School - Erie, PA

Peer tutoring program at Saint George School in Erie, PA.


The peer tutoring program is a service created and designed by the Saint George School Guidance Department. This program enables our qualified staff and faculty to provide assistance to students in grades 1-8 who are having academic difficulty in the classroom. The peer tutoring program is the only one of its kind to be offered on an elementary level.

By participating as a tutor in the peer tutoring program, students are able to serve as role models as well as receive a more in-depth learning experience by teaching someone else the subject.

The students who are being taught also have the opportunity to get a previous student's perspective of the subject which can enable them to learn in a more hands-on approach.


Peer tutors are seventh and eighth grade students who are recommended by a faculty member using the following criteria for selection:

  • Knowledge 

  • Dependable

  • Committed to supporting their students

  • Proficiency in the subjects they are tutoring

  • Possess the ability to share, interpret, and clarify information for their students

  • Positive outlook on academics

  • Personality

  • Ability to interact & establish rapport with students

Saint George School continuously aims to help students by providing academic excellence as well as offer leadership development opportunities. Peer tutoring is made available before and after regular school hours. If you have any questions about the Saint George School Guidance Program or Peer Tutoring Program, please contact Mrs. Carol Pirrello at or 864-4821 ext. 280.

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