Lancer Library | St. George School - Erie, PA

Student library at Saint George School in Erie, PA.

The goal of the Saint George School library is to meet every child’s request, if possible, and to offer an alternative if not.

The Lancer Library is a stress-free environment where children have the power to make good decisions for themselves, with guidance if needed.

Working with about 500 students ages 3 to 14 is an exciting challenge for our full time librarian. Students in Grades K-6 enjoy being read to during weekly library classes. Middle grades also practice research skills through activities that are enjoyable and educational. The most important part of a library class is - of course -  looking for books!

We have 10 student computer stations that are used by grades 4-8 to access our Online Patron Catalog (OPAC), take Accelerated Reader tests or work on any of the research projects being done through classes. The Saint George School Lancer Library is a lively and busy place where children give input, and their opinions and requests are respected and welcomed.

Saint George School's fully automated library is financially supported by a budget from our PTO as well as profit from our annual Book Fair. Memorial book donations also allow more purchases. The money is carefully spent to keep our collection current on all topics and reading levels. Our collection holds over 10,000 titles and we average 2,100 circulations per month. A very dedicated group of volunteers is an important part of the Lancer Library and is greatly appreciated. They help by putting books away, mending, helping the children select books along with the Librarian and working the Book Fairs.

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