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Lancer Library at Saint George School in Erie, PA.

The Memorial Book Program through the Saint George School Lancer Library offers you the opportunity to designate a book to the Library’s collection “in memory of” or “in honor of”:

  • A family member or relative
  • An associate
  • An organization
  • A birthday or special event
  • A teacher

You may specify a subject area for the memorial, or the library staff will select a book in an area that's in need of new materials. A “memorial bookplate” noting the name of the person memorialized or to be honored, along with the donor(s), will be inserted in the front cover of the book. Letters of acknowledgement and appreciation will be sent to both the donor and to the family of the person who is being honored. 

A library book is a very special way to remember someone, and to share that memory with others. Donations of books often are made to mark special events, including birthdays and graduations.

To purchase a memorial book, submit a Memorial Book Program Donation Form, designating the party to be memorialized or honored and the name of the donor, along with a check payable to:

Saint George School Library
Memorial Book Program
1612 Bryant Street
Erie, PA 16509

Memorial Book Donation Form >>

Contact St. George School - in Erie, PA - for more information about the memorial book donation program.