No Bullying Program | St. George School - Erie, PA

Students at Saint George School in Erie, PA.

Saint George School integrates a No-Bullying Program schoolwide. This program recognizes that what happens to our children today determines what will happen to all of us tomorrow.

Those who bully and abuse power today, will continue to abuse it in the future. Those who take unfair advantage of the less powerful over and over again will grow to be unstoppable in their abuse, whether that bullying is in the form of an assault and battery or a savings and loan scam.

Families play a vital role in helping the No-Bullying Program at Saint George School succeed. The staff and faculty of SGS advises students and families to discuss and review the lessons of the No-Bullying Program. Express support for putting a stop to bullying and share your own stories. Emphasize to never attempt to fight back or retaliate in other ways against someone who bullies. Together we can make a difference!

Debunking the Myths

Much of the "knowledge" about bullying that's widely assumed to be factual is, in fact, false. A few common myths about bullying include:

  • Only boys bully 
  • Once a bully, always a bully
  • Students who bully have low self-worth
  • All bullying involves a physical aggression
  • Most students who bully do poorly in school
  • Most bullying happens away from or on the way home from school
  • Standing up to a bully will deter his or her bullying

Characteristics of Bullies

A few common characteristics of students who bully include:

  • Have a significant role model who models aggressive or violent behavior. Feel excited by their bullying behavior.

  • Enjoy being in charge and in control. 

  • Dominate others and tend to win over others, thus value the rewards of bullying.

  • Look upon their victims with little or no empathy, believing the victim provoked the aggression and deserved it. 

  • Are usually average students who are neither anxious nor insecure, and who have fairly high self-esteem. Feel no guilt for their behavior and tend to think they should always have their own way.


In addition to the information on bullying, we felt information on cyberbulling would be beneficial. The following links are great cyber bullying resources.

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