Physical Education | St. George School - Erie, PA

The gymnasium at Saint George School in Erie, PA.

The goal of the Saint George School physical education program is to develop physically active and healthy individuals who feel compelled to include physical activity into their daily lives. 

In the primary grades of Saint George School, students participate in a variety of skill-building activities and games which transform ideas into both large and fine motor skills through play opportunities. 

The physical education program provides:

  • Opportunities for individual, small group and team work.

  • The development of physical and social skills.

  • An atmosphere where the students can feel comfortable participating at his/her own level.

In addition to the phsical education program, Saint George School also has a fitness room for use by all of the students in the school during daily scheduled recess times and Physical Education class.

The fitness room is equipped with:

  • Larger equipment; exercise bikes, stepper machines, a chinning bar and pegboard climber

  • Physioballs, bosu balls and a variety of balancing boards  

  • Wii dance, fitness and sports games

  • The Dance Dance Revolution game

  • A variety of smaller equipment

In the middle school grades of Saint George School, students participate to increase his/her physical skills and concentration is on the development of lifetime wellness. Regardless of the age level, all the students understand the importance of sportsmanship traits.

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