Religious Studies | St. George School - Erie, PA

The faculty and administration of Saint George School begin each day together in prayer, led by the innocence of our children who speak from their hearts. When we gather together each Friday for student liturgy, we recognize and celebrate our Catholic faith. Because our faith is the very center of our school’s existence, we know great things can and do happen as we practice it together.

The focus of the Religious Studies department at Saint George School is to educate the students about the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in order to strengthen their personal faith in and relationship with the Holy Trinity. The goal of our religious teaching is to assist each student in focusing his or her heart on the Truth of Jesus Christ. In doing so, we develop a strong personal relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit.

First Holy Communion at Saint George School in Erie, PA.The students participate in the celebration of these events throughout the year:

  • Student liturgies on Fridays 
  • Blessing of the classrooms
  • First Penance – 2nd grade 
  • First Holy Communion – 3rd grade
  • Penance – all grades 
  • Thanksgiving – food collection
  • Advent Wreath Prayer Service 
  • Living Nativity
  • Celebration of St. Nicholas 
  • Vocation Cross & Prayer
  • Mardi Gras 
  • Bury & Restore the Alleluia
  • Living Stations of the Cross 
  • Lenten Rice Bowl Offering
  • Catholic Schools Week Mass 
  • Holy Day Liturgies
  • March for Life 
  • June Liturgy – Movin’ on Up Celebration

At Saint George School, the religion curriculum includes instruction about social and spiritual tenants of what we believe and follow as Catholic Christians. Religion classes also include various manners and practices of prayer so that students not only learn about prayer but actually pray on a daily basis. We come together in class not only to learn about Jesus Christ and the Church but to pray to Him together and to support one another in the endeavor to discover the true purposes of our existence.

Saint George School integrates faith and teaches moral values throughout the curriculum each day. We ask our students to commit themselves daily to more deeply understand and live our faith, support each other, and to be beacons of hope in our world. These students will become our leaders of the future; we need them to believe in themselves and have an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

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