Standardized Testing | St. George School - Erie, PA

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The results are quite clear: students in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Erie score above their counterparts nationwide in all subject areas and all grades.

Further, the longer students remain in Catholic schools such as Saint George School, the better the achievement exhibited by those students becomes. 


Elementary & middle school students of Saint George School currently participate in two forms of diocesan testing: standardized testing & performance-based writing. With the writing assessment, students respond to on-demand writing prompts throughout the school year.

The goals of the writing sample assessment are to:

  • Improve the quality of student writing
  • Encourage more and different types of writing in diocesan classrooms
  • Provide information to help teachers strengthen their writing programs
  • Stimulate writing across the curriculum 

Students in grades 2-8 at Saint George School complete the Stanford 10 Achievement Tests that include testing for basic skills as well as skills requiring higher order thinking. Specific test areas include: word study skills, reading vocabulary, reading comprehension, math problem solving, math procedures, spelling, language, science, social science, and listening. Students receive a score in each area as well as a composite score. Results of standardized testing are used to improve instructional practices, curriculum and programs for the students.

Results do matter, register your kids at St. George School in Erie, PA.