Technology Program | St. George School - Erie, PA

The Saint George School technology program incorporates different forms of technology across the school’s evolving classroom curriculum that spans grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. The technology program encompasses 95 workstations and an extensive computer curriculum. The Saint George School Technology Coordinator, John Schroek, is available to contact with any questions or concerns about the school's program.

Program Overview

Kindergarten is introduced to the parts of a computer, using the mouse, and basic keyboarding (ex. letters, numbers, spacebar, backspace, and enter keys). They also explore multimedia software using Kid Pix Studio Deluxe and work with a variety of curriculum related CD-Rom’s (Sheila Rae the Brave, and JumpStart 1st Grade).

First Grade creates numerous multimedia pictures using Kid Pix Studio Deluxe. They are introduced to opening, saving and printing files. They create and save projects such as stain glass windows and Fabrege Eggs. They also work with the curriculum related CD-ROM Jump Start 2nd Grade.

Second Grade uses Kid Pix Studio Deluxe to create multimedia projects such as Alphabet Books and motion slideshows. They also work on keyboarding skills (capital letters, special characters, and spacing). They utilize opening, saving, and printing files.

Students in the computer lab at Saint George School in Erie, PA.

Third Grade
works on word processing skills (keyboarding, editing text, and spacing) and uses Kid Pix Studio Deluxe to create motion slideshows and poetry slideshows. They also begin exploring the Internet covering such topics as Internet safety, navigating the World Wide Web, and capturing images from the Internet.

Fourth Grade learns about word processing and basic desktop publishing. They create Space and State projects using Microsoft Word. They also learn how to use search engines to find information on the Internet (NetTrekker and Google).

Fifth Grade uses HyperStudio to create multimedia projects for social studies class (Latin America project) and reading class (Bookreport project). They also use Microsoft FrontPage to create their own websites.

Sixth Grade uses Microsoft Excel to write formulas and create various charts. They design spreadsheets that keep track of their grades for different subjects. They use the Internet to learn about currency, budgets, investing and Stock Market research. The students form teams and participate in the Stock Market Game. They finish the year by creating their own stock reports using Excel to chart their stocks’ performances.

Seventh Grade uses All the Right Type to become proficient in keyboarding (touch typing). Students should be able to type 20 wpm by the time they finish the class. A home version of All the Right Type is available for purchase by the students.

Eighth Grade explores desktop publishing in depth using Microsoft Word to create posters and PowerPoint to make slideshows. They also work with the digital cameras. Finally, they are introduced to database design and use Microsoft Access to build their own databases.

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