The Arts Program | St. George School - Erie, PA

The arts program at Saint George School in Erie, PA.
The students of Saint George School have the opportunity to enjoy experiences in both the visual and performing arts. It has been shown that a firm grounding in the arts teaches practical skills and such characteristics as self-discipline and critical thinking. Those who have been exposed to the arts during their formative years are more likely to grasp the nuances in real life and also to persevere in finding novel solutions to everyday problems.

Within the visual arts curriculum of Saint George School, children are exposed to many different art experiences, and are able to use varied media in their own artistic expression. The students are encouraged to express themselves freely, in a classroom where they can use their abilities and in a setting where there are no "wrong answers".

The performing arts program of Saint George School fosters an appreciation of the music of many cultures and time periods. The students respond to what they hear through singing, movement, and the opportunity to accompany themselves on various musical instruments. Opportunities for public performance occur regularly through the curriculum, which help the students develop confidence and poise.

In an effort to foster an understanding of the impact arts and culture have on the overall community in which we live, the arts department of Saint George School invites local visual and performing artists to visit our school and share their talents with our learners. One event that is eagerly anticipated by the students is our special “Day of the Arts” Festival. The students of Saint George School observe local artists and performers at their crafts and experience first hand the possibilities for life-long application of the skills they are learning during their grade school years.

The arts' department of Saint George School is founded on the philosophy that we want our children to have character, and a sense of themselves. We want them to be able to follow through on whatever they're asked to do with discipline and commitment. The values we desire most for our children are enhanced and reinforced by their involvement in the arts here at Saint George School.

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