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Saint George School has more than 20 sports teams competing against Diocesan schools as well as public schools. Our school athletic teams have many championship programs, outstanding volunteer coaches and a strong group of parents who run our athletic association (SGYAA). 

Saint George School provides thriving sports programs due to the dedication of staff and parent-coaches who generously spend their time to enhance our children's education through team sports. Getting involved in extracurricular activities and engaging with peers is an important part of education when it comes to students' growth and development. Whether students are interested in individual sports like tennis or team sports like soccer, they should have fun.

Saint George School offers multiple athletic programs such as:

  • Fall Sports
    • Football
    • Cheerleading
    • JV Girls Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Tennis
  • Winter Sports
    • JV & Varsity Boys Basketball
    • Varsity Girls Basketball
    • PLAY Basketball - 1st - 4th Grade Boys and Girls
    • Cheerleading
    • Swimming
    • Wrestling
  • Spring Sports
    • Golf
    • JV & Varsity Girls Soccer
    • JV & Varsity Boys Soccer

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SGYAA Mission

The Saint George Youth Athletic Association (SGYAA) is an organization of parents and dedicated youth leaders whose primary function is the promotion of a wholesome, Christian attitude and environment in sports and other youth activities.

Parents, coaches, leaders and students work together to coordinate and financially support an extensive athletic program for our Saint George School youth.  The SGYAA administers a budget maintained by registration fees, tournaments and fund raising activities.

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SGYAA Board Members

  • Todd Powers, President

  • George Fickenworth, Vice President

  • Paul Wojcik, Treasurer

  • Deann McCausland, Secretary

  • Allison Reynolds, Principal

  • Father James Power, Spiritual Advisor

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