Saint George Catholic School Kicks Off 2015-2016 School Year!

It's "Welcome Week" at Saint George Catholic School & we're ready for the 2015-2016 School Year!

Lancerlines 2015!

We invite the SGS alumni to keep up to date of what's going on with the current students by reading our latest issue of the Lancerlines!


The goal of Saint George School is to work with families in providing a moral and social awareness that allows every student to lead a successful life.

2-Year-Old Program

Saint George School offers a 2-year-old program through the early childhood development center that's designed to familiarize your child with all of the fundamentals for preschool success.

Kindergarten Program

Saint George School offers a kindergarten program to help children develop their academic and social skills in a creative, nurturing environment.

Academic Excellence | Leadership | Faith Development

Saint George School is a Pre-K through 8th Grade co-educational Catholic School founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1944 as the Parish school of Saint George Catholic Church in the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Our goal is to partner with families in providing a moral and social awareness that will enable every student to achieve success spiritually, personally, and academically in a global society.

Saint George School offers numerous benefits and opportunities such as:

A Saint George School education fosters the development of the student by encouraging growth and self-discipline through an evolving curriculum in a safe environment. We recognize that every person is a unique gift from God, and their individuality deserves to be accepted, encouraged and protected. 

At Saint George School, we strive for academic excellence while providing opportunities for leadership and a strong foundation for faith development.

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