SGS Cafe | St. George School - Erie, PA

Cafeteria at Saint George School in Erie, PA.

The mission of the Saint George School Cafeteria is to make a significant contribution to the physical and mental well-being of each student to enable them to fully participate in the educational process.

This mission will be achieved by providing wholesome, nutritious, appetizing school lunches served in a friendly manner and accomplished in the most efficient, cost effective means possible staying in compliance with the guidelines of the Federal Wellness Policy and the National School Lunch Program.

The Saint George School Cafeteria participates in the National School Lunch Program, serving reasonably priced, nutritionally balanced school lunches to students and staff. Guided by the National Wellness Policy and USDA guidelines, our lunches consist of a daily entrée, along with fruit, vegetables, bread, and milk. Check out our menu for an idea of the wide variety we serve! Milk (for those packing their lunches), ice cream, pretzels and other healthful snacks are available for purchase. Alternative drink selections are available for those with allergies (contact the cafeteria staff for more info).

The Saint George School Cafeteria is licensed by the Erie County Department of Health. Training in the H.A.C.C.P. program has been provided to all staff members. In addition, two staff members are ServSafe Certified. The Saint George School cafeteria has a small paid staff, along with a dedicated group of volunteers who help make lunch an enjoyable experience for the students. Additional volunteers are always needed and welcome!

Free or Reduced Price School Meals

The Saint George School cafeteria offers paid, reduced price and free meals to students who need them. If in need of these services, complete the online Application for Pennsylvanians to apply for the Federal Free/Reduced Price School Lunch program. Applications are accepted by online filing only.

Free Summer Meals

Many community organizations provide free nutritious meals to children 18 and younger during the summer months. To find a location near you please call 1-866-3Hungry or text MEALPA to 877877 You can also visit: (note, this replaces the website) or download the app:

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